American artist, producer, and sound engineer, Manchureon got his start with music in his dorm room at UC Berkeley.


ManCee possesses a versatile skill-set on the mic with stylistic blends of Bay Area Rap, Funk, Boom Bap, and Pop rap. Additionally, ManCee consolidates a diverse mixture of lyricism, catchy flows, and memorable hooks. He is the founder of Def-Odd Records, which is a label that seeks to democratize music through empowering grassroots artists and helping them defy the various odds associated with being up and coming creators.


Manchureon's musical background began in Manchuria (Northeastern, China) where his cousin planted the seeds of songwriting as a potential career. He also played classical piano for about 6 years during that time in China.

He is extremely detail oriented when it comes to music production, paying a great deal of attention to minor nuances in his sound design, particularly as it relates to vocal mixing.


Ultimately, Manchureon hopes to use his platform to increase accessibility to quality music production and promotion for aspiring artists.