Port City Shoota

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Port City Shoota had always desired to fly the flag of his city, Stockton, California, which is also known as Port City.

Growing up, his biggest inspiration in life is basketball, applying the same levels of discipline and persistence both on and off the court. Defying expectations is certainly something that Port City Shoota strives to achieve, taking pride in his ability to do things “his way.”


Despite growing up in a difficult background, he managed to graduate high school as salutatorian of his class and enroll in a top university in the United States, University of California, Berkeley.

It can be said for sure that he has the grit and unrivaled work ethic that will push him to walk any extra mile necessary to be where he wants to be.

Port City Shoota gained his musical experience from playing the cello and the guitar growing up, and in 2018 he decided to take music to the next level, forming Def-Odd Records with his two other college roommates, dedicating to the cause of helping grassroot artists.

Creatively, he draws inspiration from artists such as Lil Uzi, Drake, Ariana Grande, and Tupac, giving him an unconventional style as he seeks to construct his own sound through the duality of smoothness and franticness. Port City Shoota is part of the duo, Terracottas, with fellow artist Manchureon, and together, they strive to make music for the sake of creating good music.